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Biogas systems


“To foresee, to be one step ahead” is the idea we are guided by when our company offers alternative ways of energy production.

IEC Energy offers turnkey construction of biogas plants of the highest quality, performance and economic efficiency standards. Today’s agricultural sector has to perform multiple tasks including proper storage, recycling and recovery of different things from collected yield to livestock wastes or phytogenic and animal waste including recycling industries energy supply. Biogas plants based on anaerobic fermentation make it possible to get energy from different raw materials: pig and cattle farms manure, poultry manure, slaughterhouse waste, plant growing waste, sewage effluents, fats, spoiled grain, solid waste organic content, food industry waste, malt sediment, distillery grains, spent brewer’s grain, sugar-beet pulp, technical glycerin, starch and molasses production waste, milk whey. Biogas projects are pretty diverse in terms of bacteria types, configuration and technologies applied. Biogas technologies are divided into industrial and agricultural ones. Industrial biogas projects are more complicated due to specific anti-corrosion requirements and chemical and biological composition. Our company develops individual solutions for each project on the basis of strategic objectives and raw material composition being guided by Customers’ long-term economic interests.