We offer to our Customers:

  • Service maintenance of the supplied equipment:
    • Erection supervision,
    • Pre-commissioning works, installation and wiring checks
    • Start-up & commissioning works
    • Operator instructions and on-site & factories training
    • Supplied equipment warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
  • Spare parts supply:
    • Supply of spare parts and consumables for the supplied equipment within regular and unscheduled maintenance.
    • The Customer’s personnel consulting on the spare parts and consumables fund formation.
  • Oil service for gas-reciprocating engines:
    • Engine oil supply and replacement.
    • Motor oil examination arrangement and results interpretation.
    • Used motor oil recovery.
  • On-line monitoring of equipment:
    • Round-the-clock on-line monitoring of the maintained equipment.
    • Prompt preliminary diagnosis and remote recommendations provision to the Customer’s personnel on the equipment parameters interpretation & optimization.
  • Consultancy support:
    • The Customer’s personnel remote & on-site consulting on the equipment operation during warranty and post-warranty period.