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IEC Energy is ready to offer Customers:

Decentralized power generation – CHP, cogeneration and trigeneration facilities based on gas reciprocating engines utilizing natural gas as well as renewable and special gases as a fuel

Waste water treatment plants and water supply systems – innovative environmental solutions intended to treat highly loaded industrial waste water streams based on aerobic ultrafiltration processes of biological membrane reactor MBR; broad range of technologies for water treatment, cleaning and supply

Renewable energy sources and energy saving – carbon reducing solutions based on multiple approach renewable technologies among which solar PVs, wind farms, biogas facilities, woody biomass gasification plants, as well as numerous energy preservation approaches such as compression and absorption heat pumps, condensing heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, absorption chillers 
Automation and digitalization – diversified solutions in the field of industrial processes automation, field instrumentation, remote monitoring as well as SCADA software for visualization, archiving and data trending

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