CHP for PVC plastic production company

CHP for the needs of PVC plastic production. The installed electric capacity is 3 MW based on 2 MTU 12V4000L64FNER gas piston units with a single electric capacity of 1521 kW with a heat recovery system. The scope of delivery provides for the operation of generators in parallel with the power grid network. The power center is equipped with a control system for the import/export of electricity, which exclude the uncontrolled supply of electric energy to the power grid network. During the operation of the system, the generated power and the consumed load are continuously changed by the connected consumers. In real time, they are compared and, if necessary, automatically adjust the power of the generator / generators to achieve a zero (or operator-specified) balance on the communication line with the power system.

Scope of works:
- Technology project design
- Equipment delivery
- Installation supervision
- Engineering services
- Commissioning works