CHP for the production of plastic toys

CHP for the new production of the enterprise according to the trigeneration scheme: joint generation of heat, electricity and cold on the basis of 5 gas piston units manufactured by MTU Onsite Energy GmbH with hot water boilers manufactured by Viessmann Industriekessel Mittenwalde GmbH, absorption refrigerating machines manufactured by Shuanliang Eco Energy.

Composition of the main equipment:

5 x MTU 12V4000L33/GB1165N5 - gas piston unit, electric power 1165 kW;
2 x Vitomax 200-LV – hot water boiler with a capacity of 2.3 MW;
2 x HSB-496 is an absorption refrigerating machine with a refrigerating capacity of 2215 kW.

Scope of works:
- Technology project design
- Equipment delivery
- Installation supervision
- Engineering services
- Commissioning works